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Let’s BARK about muttmixx...

muttmixx all started when my dog Kevin Bacon was attacked by another dog and almost lost his leg.

After a lengthy surgery and repair to keep his leg, it was shared he may need pain or arthritis medications in order to keep his healthy, active lifestyle.

muttmixx recipe was created and he started out  with the first muttmixx cookie blend Carrot and Chia 3x a day. 

Within a week Kevin was showing signs of relief, pain free and in 3 weeks back to his healthy active lifestyle. 

After a 2 years  Kevin and many other dogs in Ontario and Across Canada are enjoying all muttmixx flavors taste as well as seeing and feeling the health benefits.

muttmixx is baked with love and care for our pups, each cookie ingredient has been thoroughly researched personally by Owner Meg to maximize health benefits for all dogs ages and stages of life. 

Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Protein, Fiber, Probiotic, Omega 3’s, Vitamins B1, B3’s, B6, magnesium, phosphorus , iron, zinc. 

Health Benefits

  • Decreased pain & inflammation,
  • Allergies for skin & coat,
  • Firework scares, anxiety,
  • Weight management, Low calorie
  • Joint care,
  • Car sickness,
  • Digestive Relief
  • Helps prevent cancer cells.
  • Omegas 
  • Digestion care

Fetch your facts about muttmixx beyond the healing ingredients.

1 to 2.4 calories per cookie depending on the flavor.

Gluten free, all natural/organic ingredients. Each cookie has hemp seed and turmeric & Gluten free Chic Pea Flour.

muttmixx are freshly baked in Havelock Ontario, Shipping anywhere in Canada and currently in 6 Pet Valu/Paulmac locations across Ontario

Napanee, Campbellford, Lakefield, 2 locations Peterborough, Cobourg, Belleville.

 Havelock and Foxboro Foodland.

The Grape and Wedge in Apsley ON.

Woodland Raw Pet Food Warkworth also carries muttmixx with your Raw Food order. 

Equestrian Roots and Feed Supply Trenton ON.

Nana’s Old-Fashioned Fudge & Gifts Stirling ON.

Wholesale orders can be ordered through Meg via email or phone 289-795-2262

The All-natural/Organic ingredients are locally purchased from farmers and small businesses to continue to support local. 

muttmixx is overall a healthy yummy treat for ALL dogs ages. muttmixx is like a doggy vitamin with taste and texture, soft and chewy or dehydrated.


  • Meg

    Owner, Baker and Dog Lover

  • I have had dogs my whole life from a child until now. Since in my early 20’s I have had my dogs on a raw, holistic nutrition. Giving our furbabes the best daily foods and snacks to maintain and prolong their healthy lifestyle. In the past year of bringing  muttmixx to community I have gained so man new muttmixx fans all over Canada. 

    November 2023 muttmixx won Business of the year in Havelock, Belleville Ontario Choice Awards won Gold for Pet Food. Completed The Peterborough Economical Development Business Start up course and was grants a $5000 business grant. This allowed to me to increase m production with purchase of equipment and be able to help my customer orders and needs. I was baking 30 to 50lbs a week out of my home with one oven, 10-to-13-hour days in my home where I’m also a Foster parent for teen girls for 9 years. August 20th, 2023, my own muttmixx barkery location and small store front 14 Mary Street Havelock ON. Candy Keough owner of  Woodland Raw Pet Food and all natural chews is available in the Havelock location.  One-of-a-kind gifts for your pets and pet owners all locally made are available for extra shopping and supporting small businesses.    I could not be more grateful, excited and honored to have muttmixx cookies and TOPOG food topper to over 1000 doggos homes. I also have created with pre-orders cookies for dogs with epilepsy, diabetes as well as special PAWccasion treats, like cakes, doggy donuts and tail wagers for the furry festive life moments. 

    I appreciate my Havelock community and surrounding area support and to the locations who carry muttmixx across Ontario and all my furry muttmixx fans and their PAWrents for giving your pups the healthiest and yummiest treats.  


    Owner, Baker and Dog Lover

    14 Mary Street Havelock, ON K0L 1Z0

    Facebook: muttmixx

    Instagram: mutt.mixx

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muttmix is proud to offer All natural healthy & healing dog cookies...